Skilled management
of developments, professional
teams, risk and disputes
Bespoke solutions
to complex developments
Experts in Cost Consulting
and Quantity Surveying

Welcome to
NS Solving

Established in 2012, NS Solving assists clients in the execution of building developments and solving challenges as they arise or problems which have arisen during the course of developments.

Our Services

Development management

Provides assistance with initiating and high level management of new developments acting either independently or integrating with the Developers...

Team management

In circumstances where Developers do not wish to appoint project managers but seek assurance that their professional team is firing on all cylinders NS Solving is in a position to...


The business of Development in the built environment is fraught with risk and it is the management of the multitude risks that separate successful projects from...


Alternative dispute resolution – ADR – is presently a fashionable phrase in the legal world. ADR procedures have emerged as a result of the traditional legal system not being able...

Quantity Surveying

These services extend to the entire range of quantity surveying services available to suitably sized projects in addition to Joint Venture collaborations where determined by project...

Development facilitation

Interaction with development teams to assist in project initiation and to provide bespoke solutions to complicated challenges that may arise on complex developments.

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